Look what was in the sale!


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So, after posting this Taiuti beauty as part of my wish list I ventured to fenwicks to see it in the flesh, I found it in the sale section with a whopping £100 off meaning it was only £89. I am over the moon and can not stop looking at that gorgeous printed leather, its hypnotically beautiful. My favourite summer find so far. Love and Handbags from a very happy R.B.L. xXx


Covetable Heritage Bags That I Simply Loewe


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When browsing in Selfridges in the past I have always managed to skip straight past the Loewe collection of bags, until this summer that is. Their boxy, clean lines and this summers mega bold colours had me drooling. After a trip down Bond Street last night I decided to investigate them further and share my New Bag Brand Crush and the bags that have skipped straight to the top of my wish list with you all. A read through the heritage section on the Loewe website is highly recommended, the photos from decades gone by and the tales a mega stars flocking to Spain in the 50’s for Loewe bags are inspiring.

Loewe have been producing leather goods since 1846 in the heartlands of Spain’s leather industry. Emphasis has always been of high levels of craftsman ship, the finest raw materials and elegant design. These principles have not changed and can be clearly seen in the clean lines of their current designs and in the ever classic Amazona launched in 1975 and still going strong in a multitude of colour ways and leather finishes. It is the epitome of sports luxe and still looks as modern today as it must have done in ’75, a I am honestly unsure as to how this bag has skipped my must have radar.

Which of these beauties do you own or find most covetable?

Love and Handbags, The R.B.L. xXx

All photos from – http://www.loewe.com/

The Refurbished Bad Lady Needs to Refurbish Her Wardrobe *Blog Sale*


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I make no claims on being a stylist, or even having any style and whilst I have the designer accessories bug in a bad way I have never quite made the leap into designer clothes. This blog is predominately about what I know best … Handbags and loving and caring for them with the odd DIY thrown in. But after reading the inspiring blog of Astimegoesbuy who went 90 days with out shopping to take stock of her wardrobe and then had a budget for a “lust List” and also the ever brilliant work of “A pair and a spare” who did a wardrobe rehab last year I am going to strip back my *ahem* extensive clothes collection. I have so many clothes that still have tags in, normally because I purchase 2 of each garments in different sizes and forget to take one back!

Before starting here is my list of things that I think are going to be on my shopping list after the cleanse, I thought it would be interesting to see how different my ideas of what I need are from what it transpires I actually need:

* A Small black bag

* Some smart, structured ballet pumps … all mine are scruffy

* A pair of High Top trainers – my shearling converse are dying a death

* Low or flat Black Boots, I have a pair but honestly they are so uncomfortable I have only worn them twice!

* A Denim Jacket

* Black Jeans

* Black Blazer

* A couple of new belts

* Maxi Skirt that is either sheer or has a split

* Some kind of neutral, structured cover up – I never show the tops of my arms

* New Tights – I want to throw ALL of mine out and start again!

* Smart Black Warm coat – I may wait until autumn hits to purchase this though, I have been looking for this for a long time.

Looking at my perceived list I think I am going to need basics, things that pull outfits together or can show case the busier bits and bobs in my clothes mountain. I am never going to be a capsule wardrobe kinda girl but there is a lot of stuff lurking in there that doesn’t fit, is outdated or that I simply never wear. Ebay isn’t going to know what has hit it once I start listing!


I’ve made a start and here are a few bits for you guys before I stick them on Ebay, if your interested in an item please get in touch!

Amazing ASOS Large Polka Dot Dress, Green Size 12, Brand New With Tags – £20

New With Tags

Lovely Detail

Top Shop Black CowBoy Biker Boots, size 4, worn twice £20

Worn twice

Ted Baker Purple Prom Dress, Brand new with tags RRP £150 – £40. Size 3.

Vintage Pucchini Shirt with amazing pleating detail and balloon sleeves – £15, Size 10/12

Ballon Sleeves

New With Tags Lanvin Loves H&M ruffle skirt – size 12 – £25

Brand New With Tags Embroidered Tunic – Size 10 – £10

ASOS Floofy Swan Lake Loop Skirt – Size 10, £5

Two Tone silver and blue Sequinned Top – £5

Happy Shopping!

Love and Handbags, The R.B.L. xXx

Chanel Cruise 2013 Bag Preview


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Beautiful Camellia, Beautiful Handbag!

Firstly I have to say – I love that Camelia! The clours and the unexpected “pop” from the black netting are amazing. The lucky people over at the PurseBlog in the U.S. of A got to take an up close look at the Chanel Cruise collection. I’ve picked out the handbags to share with you guys, pull up a chair and find some popcorn … there is some serious eye candy here!

Pure White Quilted Perfection

Chanel Handbags in quilted peach and neutral shades

I think contrast of the chunky, burnished hardwarde and the delicate hues of the no-doubt super soft leather that runs through the collection is perfect. It’s qute a young, fun collection and this is top of my wishlist:

The colour is spring in a shade. It hits all the right notes, I think I want to rub my face on it … is that weird?!

More Big, Burnished Hardwear

And finally, I do feel a DIY coming on, Gold lace, tull and teeny flowers adorning an ivory handbag anyone? I juts need to find some big burly hardware to contras it with for instant Chanel Chic!

DIY Inspiration

Has anything been added to your wishlists?

Love and Handbags, The R.B.L. xXx

Prada Autumn/Winter 2012 Accessories Ad Campaign


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… More structure, More Orange, More 70’s! It’s a good job I started cleaning up my vintage doctors bag *here* take a look at all those Gladstone style bags in the upcoming Prada accessories campaign!

Doctors Bags Are In!

The Whole campaign is very slick, and obviously very 70’s. The models almost look like mannequins! I think a return to the 70’s is perfect for this Autumn, all those muted jewel hues are perfect for fall. As I mentioned before structure in Handbags is going to be everywhere, and ofcourse the 70’s colour pallete has a healthy dose of Orange in it. If you havent already you really must snap up the Orange Carven Beauty that Mywardrobe has with 60% off, find out more in my previous post *here.* Enough of my nattering, on with the very very lovely Handbags.

Tiled 70's Patterns

Brown and Orange for the Autumn

Even more structure!

As with Mulberry crocodile print leather features in the collection

It’s worth noting here the featuring of high shine Crocodile print leather … Just like Mulberry’s Into The Woods Campaign. Could this be a prime time to get scouring ebay for a Vintage Mulberry Tartan Liner in Congo Leather? The Budget answer to Autumns Crocodile print Leather?

Ahead of trend and genuine (always get your Ebay lusts authenticated before bidding!) but at a fraction of the price. Maybe the old Tartan Liners will save our credit cards this season! I know I am going to be on the look out for one in and autumnal colour, preferably a bag that is need of a little TLC so I can make a feature of her on here.

Love and Handbags, The R.B.L. xXx

Sale Gems


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I live for the sales, honestly, Winter and Summer sale weeks are the best two weeks in my year. Here are some of my favourite sale bag finds of Summer 2012.


I have such a soft spot for vibrant pastels at the moment, I know that is a contradiction but those sherbet tones that are like very soft neon colours float my boat. This Aqua beauty from Lulu Guinness is a steal at half price – £162.50 from £325. A decent size to use everyday and brighten up a work outfit but small and structured enough to use of an evening, she is truly versatile. You can pick her up direct from the Lulu Guinness Website here – Lulu Guinness


I am a big fan of French Design House Carven and in recent years the brand has over hauled it’s image and produced some stunning collections full of elegant tailoring and clean lines. Très chic non? I have found this beautiful Coral structred handbag with a whopping 60% off at my wardrobe, Carven may not be in the biggest name in the handbag game but you know this is going to be a beautifully crafted handbag, In addition this beag is going to see you through our Summer (when it arrives!) and then on through Autumn/Winter. Take a look at the new mulberry Campaign *here* and you’ll see that both Structure and Orange are everywhere this A/W! This Carven beauty can be winging its way to you for £292, down from £731 at Mywardrobe here – Mywardrobe


And Finally something from my beloved Mulberry, My pick of the sale would be the regular sized Tillie in nightshade. An unbelievably beautiful colour combination, I have an oversized Tillie and let me tell you the leather on that thing is to die for. Sometimes I just feel Black is too harsh or the obvious choice but this shade of nightshade is dark enough to look smart yet unique enough to be ever so slightly “out-there” and eye catching. She has sold out on the Mulberry Website, but check your local Mulberry Store, House of Fraser, Fenwicks or John Lewis they all stock Mulberry and many will let you place an order over the phone. This Tillie should be retailing for about £477, down from £795, thats a huge saving so grab her if you see her! Also no longer on the website but still floating around in the department stores is the Iconic Alexa in Nightshade Silky Snake Leather, Honestly it is to die for!

Lots of Love and Handbags, The R.B.L. xXx

In The Beginning … Tall Miu Miu Vitello Bow Bag in Alumino


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Yesterday I recieved a possible project bag. I had been lusting over a Miu Miu Bow Bag for a long time, I am not a fan of their new glazed leathers so knew I would be searching for a Season 1 Bow Bag and the longer I wait the harder they get to find.

She is gorgeous! I found her on ebay, had her authenticated but when she arrived I have to admit I was suprised by her condition, She didn’t have one or two marks as the seller said!

My intital plans are to get the inside all hoovered out and then she is in for a deep clean all over, inside and out before attempting any stain removal or recolouring. I am really looking forward to getting started and will keep you all posted. Make sure you follow me to keep up to date!

Lots of Love and Handbags, The R.B.L. xXx


Wow! Stunning printed Calfskin Tote by Maurizio Taiut


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Wow! I stumbled upon this absolute beauty of a bag online today. It’s a printed Calfskin Tote by Maurizio Taiuti and retails for £189 in Fenwicks. I have to admit to not having heard of this designer before, so I did a little reasearch and found out that Maurizio Taiuti was established in 1958 and is based in the heart of Florence and uses only locally sourced leathers to acheive the highest quality finishes.

Personally I think the print is out-of-this-world-beautiful in an Erdem, whimsical way and would make such a great buy for summer! This has jumped straight to the top of my wishlist!

SWOON! This print is devine! It looks like silk.

Picture source and to shop: Fenwick