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Hi! Thanks for taking the time to read my blog!

Let’s jump straight in shall we? I am currently in the process of sprucing up a 50’s leather doctors bag by Jaiger of Australia. Here are my pictures and my plans for this little beauty. Look at that Patina, so yummy!

  • The Leather is super dry, ashy and patchy. Current pictures are after two days of intensive moisturising. I would like to make her a little more supple and even in tone, with out losing her vintage charm. There are no stains to the leather which is amazing considering the age of the bag.

  • The inside is D-I-R-T-Y! and tatty. I have not relined a bag before but am tempted to give it ago in this case if the inside doesn’t clean up too easily.

  • There is an attachment for a strap and I hope to find a suitable replacement for this.
  • The handles are massively discoloured through use and oils in the skin. I have been looking into this as I would like to recondition a Louis Vuitton monogram piece at some point and one of the major issues with the Vachetta Leather used in their trimmings is discolouration from skin oils. So I have a few ideas to try and see if I can lighten those handles any.
  • Something I am not sure about are the dark marks where a long strap previously used to be attached, I assume this was from contact with the metal fastenings, and I’m not entirely sure if there is anything to be done about them but will give some ideas a try!

She’s is such a gorgeous shape and colour, I am looking forwrad to sharing her progress with you all!