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Yesterday I recieved a possible project bag. I had been lusting over a Miu Miu Bow Bag for a long time, I am not a fan of their new glazed leathers so knew I would be searching for a Season 1 Bow Bag and the longer I wait the harder they get to find.

She is gorgeous! I found her on ebay, had her authenticated but when she arrived I have to admit I was suprised by her condition, She didn’t have one or two marks as the seller said!

My intital plans are to get the inside all hoovered out and then she is in for a deep clean all over, inside and out before attempting any stain removal or recolouring. I am really looking forward to getting started and will keep you all posted. Make sure you follow me to keep up to date!

Lots of Love and Handbags, The R.B.L. xXx