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… More structure, More Orange, More 70’s! It’s a good job I started cleaning up my vintage doctors bag *here* take a look at all those Gladstone style bags in the upcoming Prada accessories campaign!

Doctors Bags Are In!

The Whole campaign is very slick, and obviously very 70’s. The models almost look like mannequins! I think a return to the 70’s is perfect for this Autumn, all those muted jewel hues are perfect for fall. As I mentioned before structure in Handbags is going to be everywhere, and ofcourse the 70’s colour pallete has a healthy dose of Orange in it. If you havent already you really must snap up the Orange Carven Beauty that Mywardrobe has with 60% off, find out more in my previous post *here.* Enough of my nattering, on with the very very lovely Handbags.

Tiled 70's Patterns

Brown and Orange for the Autumn

Even more structure!

As with Mulberry crocodile print leather features in the collection

It’s worth noting here the featuring of high shine Crocodile print leather … Just like Mulberry’s Into The Woods Campaign. Could this be a prime time to get scouring ebay for a Vintage Mulberry Tartan Liner in Congo Leather? The Budget answer to Autumns Crocodile print Leather?

Ahead of trend and genuine (always get your Ebay lusts authenticated before bidding!) but at a fraction of the price. Maybe the old Tartan Liners will save our credit cards this season! I know I am going to be on the look out for one in and autumnal colour, preferably a bag that is need of a little TLC so I can make a feature of her on here.

Love and Handbags, The R.B.L. xXx