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I make no claims on being a stylist, or even having any style and whilst I have the designer accessories bug in a bad way I have never quite made the leap into designer clothes. This blog is predominately about what I know best … Handbags and loving and caring for them with the odd DIY thrown in. But after reading the inspiring blog of Astimegoesbuy who went 90 days with out shopping to take stock of her wardrobe and then had a budget for a “lust List” and also the ever brilliant work of “A pair and a spare” who did a wardrobe rehab last year I am going to strip back my *ahem* extensive clothes collection. I have so many clothes that still have tags in, normally because I purchase 2 of each garments in different sizes and forget to take one back!

Before starting here is my list of things that I think are going to be on my shopping list after the cleanse, I thought it would be interesting to see how different my ideas of what I need are from what it transpires I actually need:

* A Small black bag

* Some smart, structured ballet pumps … all mine are scruffy

* A pair of High Top trainers – my shearling converse are dying a death

* Low or flat Black Boots, I have a pair but honestly they are so uncomfortable I have only worn them twice!

* A Denim Jacket

* Black Jeans

* Black Blazer

* A couple of new belts

* Maxi Skirt that is either sheer or has a split

* Some kind of neutral, structured cover up – I never show the tops of my arms

* New Tights – I want to throw ALL of mine out and start again!

* Smart Black Warm coat – I may wait until autumn hits to purchase this though, I have been looking for this for a long time.

Looking at my perceived list I think I am going to need basics, things that pull outfits together or can show case the busier bits and bobs in my clothes mountain. I am never going to be a capsule wardrobe kinda girl but there is a lot of stuff lurking in there that doesn’t fit, is outdated or that I simply never wear. Ebay isn’t going to know what has hit it once I start listing!


I’ve made a start and here are a few bits for you guys before I stick them on Ebay, if your interested in an item please get in touch!

Amazing ASOS Large Polka Dot Dress, Green Size 12, Brand New With Tags – £20

New With Tags

Lovely Detail

Top Shop Black CowBoy Biker Boots, size 4, worn twice £20

Worn twice

Ted Baker Purple Prom Dress, Brand new with tags RRP £150 – £40. Size 3.

Vintage Pucchini Shirt with amazing pleating detail and balloon sleeves – £15, Size 10/12

Ballon Sleeves

New With Tags Lanvin Loves H&M ruffle skirt – size 12 – £25

Brand New With Tags Embroidered Tunic – Size 10 – £10

ASOS Floofy Swan Lake Loop Skirt – Size 10, £5

Two Tone silver and blue Sequinned Top – £5

Happy Shopping!

Love and Handbags, The R.B.L. xXx