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When browsing in Selfridges in the past I have always managed to skip straight past the Loewe collection of bags, until this summer that is. Their boxy, clean lines and this summers mega bold colours had me drooling. After a trip down Bond Street last night I decided to investigate them further and share my New Bag Brand Crush and the bags that have skipped straight to the top of my wish list with you all. A read through the heritage section on the Loewe website is highly recommended, the photos from decades gone by and the tales a mega stars flocking to Spain in the 50’s for Loewe bags are inspiring.

Loewe have been producing leather goods since 1846 in the heartlands of Spain’s leather industry. Emphasis has always been of high levels of craftsman ship, the finest raw materials and elegant design. These principles have not changed and can be clearly seen in the clean lines of their current designs and in the ever classic Amazona launched in 1975 and still going strong in a multitude of colour ways and leather finishes. It is the epitome of sports luxe and still looks as modern today as it must have done in ’75, a I am honestly unsure as to how this bag has skipped my must have radar.

Which of these beauties do you own or find most covetable?

Love and Handbags, The R.B.L. xXx

All photos from – http://www.loewe.com/